Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lunch Box Winner!!

After several weeks of canvassing the internet for the perfect lunch box system, I have finally made a decision.  Packing a healthy lunch every day for 4 children (5 in two years!) is no easy task for me. I need a system and I need to be organized, and while there are plenty of Bento Box and Laptop Lunch type systems out there, I just can't deal with the plastic. We tried the Laptop Lunch system for my two oldest but there were just too many parts to wash every night and I don't like the way some foods stain the plastic.

So I began my search with these criteria:
1. Stainless steel (won't leach or stain or break down over time).
2. Airtight container to hold yogurt, dips and berry juices.
3. Dishwasher safe with few parts.
4. Flat design to fit inside a backpack.
5. Multiple compartments to allow for variety.

And the winner is.......

I will admit it's a little pricey at $59.99 for the complete "Rover" System, but I have convinced myself and informed the children this will be the last lunch box I will ever buy for them!  I'll follow up in a few weeks to let you know how it's going!