Saturday, February 5, 2011

Breakfast Smoothies

Today, Gracie had an 8am basketball game so we had a quick breakfast with  Carrot Banana Nut Muffins leftover from yesterday's after school snack and smoothies. Here's what we threw into our smoothie today:

Breakfast Smoothie (makes a whole pitcher full)

1 can Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk
3 farm fresh eggs (yes! raw eggs!)
10 oz. of frozen mixed berries (rasberries, blackberries, blueberries, etc.)
2 scoops of protein powder (right now we are trying Plant Fusion)
Top off with water and a handful of ice.

Kids love this, as long as Gracie doesn't see me put the protein powder in!!  Raw problem. Protein powder? Deal breaker.


  1. Sounds just like what we make! The smoothie that I make for Nathan in the mornings is 3 raw eggs, coconut milk (or coconut oil), some ground flax seed, raw milk, and protein powder! Have you tried Mercola's miracle whey protein powder? We've been ordering that for some time now and we love it. Blueberry is to die for! It tastes exactly like you're drinking blueberry muffin yummy!! :)

  2. The Tokyo Seevers Family likes to add a little organic honey, cinnamon and ginger powder as well as the ground flax seed that Dawn likes.

  3. I just came across a protein powder and wonder if you have ever heard about it or if you know about it. It is sold through Emerald Express and is called Action Whey made from Grassfed cows. The company also has a second product called Emerald Sea and is comprised of seven sea vegetables. Both products look really great (but I am a sucker for marketing)..I'm not involved with this business, but just came across the product and remembered you mentioned a protein powder in one of your smoothies, so I wanted to share and see what you think about this one.