Monday, October 15, 2012

Primal Challenge Update

Well, I didn't do a very good job of posting updates during my 21 day Primal Challenge but the good news is that it went VERY well and helped me get my life back on track.  I blogged earlier (Hitting The Reset Button) about getting into a bad place and trying to dig myself out, and that's exactly what the Primal Challenge helped me to do.

So what changes have I seen in the last couple months since I started the challenge?  Well for one, my weight is trending back down.  Weight is a slippery slope for me and I was fast approaching 140 pounds again, but I finally put the brakes on that and have gotten back down under 135, hopefully trending toward 130. This may not sound like a big deal to you (maybe even annoying if you're  battling a weight problem) but as someone who gains weight very easily and was a biscuit shy of 200 pounds at the end of every pregnancy (x5), I have to be VERY careful about trending weight gain.

The other major change is in my mood. I've entered that lovely phase of life called peri menopause, so I'm already battling hormonal imbalances. When you compound that with poor eating habits, night owl tendencies and less exercise, it's a formula for disaster!  Getting back to the Primal way of eating and living has helped my moods tremendously.  It's a lovely domino effect really! When you start eating better, you're more likely to exercise and take your supplements. When you exercise and take your supplements you're more likely to get better sleep. When you get better sleep, you have more energy.  When you have more energy, you tend to accomplish more. When you accomplish more you tend to feel better about yourself and I don't know about you, but when I feel good about myself I am A LOT more fun to be around!! (Just ask my husband!)

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