Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Is Driving Your Thoughts and Behavior??

I will never look at depressed, malcontented people the same way again!  Do you ever wonder why some people are so inherently positive and easy to be around and others do nothing except complain and spew venom into the world??  Do you think sugar is harmless? Read on....

"We see the world around us through the lens of our hormones, neurotransmitters, and, to the degree that we are dependent on it, our blood sugar.  Unhealthy hormonal patterns generate unhealthy arousal patterns and, consequently, unhealthy emotional and behavioral tendencies.  We wake up with low blood sugar due to insulin dysregulation and poor diet, and we feel lousy. We then proceed to interpret the lousy feeling through associating it with events and people in our lives, assuming they are to blame (and that life simply sucks) rather than recognizing that we are operating under distorted biochemically induced misperceptions.  We become hijacked by our dysregulated nervous system, behave in ways we abhor, and may even feel we are somehow fundamentally flawed as a person because of it.  This is a huge source of self-esteem problems.  We then continue to interpret the world around us through this warped lens and beat ourselves up (or blame others) for our own shortcomings.

At any given moment, we all have positive things and challenging things in our lives that we could be focused on as our reality.  Why do we gravitate toward focusing on one thing versus another?  The functioning of our hormones, specifically insulin and leptin, to a very large extent influence the way we focus on and interpret the world around us and the events in our lives. The secondary effects of blood sugar, insulin, and leptin dysregulation, which are a part of this, involve the disruption and depletion of neurotransmitter functioning.  It is a huge issue, and it profoundly influences the way many people interpret and respond or react to their world.  Is it any wonder that our society is in such a state of chaos?

Nothing will ever influence the functioning or dysfunctioning of your hormones or neurotransmitters (or your brain) more than the issue of blood sugar.  Neurotransmitters are our main mood and brain regulators, and surges of blood sugar generate surges--and subsequent depletion or dysregulation--of the neurotransmitters serotonin, epinephrine, norepinephrine, GABA and dopamine.  Blood sugar surges also deplete B-complex vitamins, which are needed for the manufacture of neurotransmitters and a few hundred other things, and deplete magnesium, which is needed for parasympathetic (relaxed) functioning, liver detoxification, DHA synthesis, and another few hundred things."  -Nora Gedgaudas,  "Primal Body, Primal Mind". p.226

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